26 November 2011

Tokyo Motor Show will feature electric vehicles

Tokyo Motor Show will feature electric vehicles :For car buffs who didn’t get their fill of hot new rides, another show is available before the year draws to a close. The 42nd Tokyo Motor Show 2011 will be open to the public on December 3; it comes after a year of hardships, with production impacted by the earthquake and tsunami as well as recent flooding in Thailand. Currently, however, the major concern for Japanese automobile manufacturers is the strong yen, which has eroded the profitability of domestically produced export cars while shrinking overseas profits when repatriated. Japan’s top three automakers all view the promotion of domestic demand as the key to stimulating domestic production as output for export dwindles. The car makers envision electric vehicles as playing a significant role in attracting demand after the summer of post-quake power-saving made consumers more aware of the emergency power capabilities of electric vehicles in addition to their eco-friendly credentials.

Toyota, Nissan, and Honda hope to entice the public with electric vehicle concept cars at the show. Honda will unveil its Micro Commuter concept car. The small EV carries a mini electric motorcycle called a Motor Compo inside one of its doors. A removable battery installed in the vehicle can be used for the bike and also as an additional power source for vehicle. Nissan, the global leading EV maker, will introduce its PIVO3 EV commuter vehicle. The three-seat compact is equipped with an auto valet parking system. The operator will not have to carefully maneuver into tight parking spaces because the car can automatically park itself into lots fitted with appropriate sensors. The PIVO3, which is powered by four in-wheel motors, can also recharge itself, with excess power available for home use or even for sale to the grid. Toyota plans to unveil its FT-EV III, a basic EV model that the company plans to debut in the U.S. and Japan in 2012. The car maker’s Fun-Vii will also be among the horde of electric concept cars to be showcased at the show.