12 December 2010

Npower puts gas and electricity prices up inflation-busting 5%

Npower puts gas and electricity prices up inflation-busting 5% ENERGY giant Npower yesterday announced an inflation-busting price hike – leaving customers facing a £62 New Year headache.Gas and electricity prices will rise by 5% for existing consumers from January 4, while new clients are hit straight away.

The move, affecting 6.3 million users, will see an average dual-fuel bill leap from £1,196 to £1,258 a year.

Npower is the fourth big supplier to announce a winter bill increase, with the German-owned firm insisting it was forced to pass on higher costs, including a 50% jump in wholesale costs.

Yet its profits hit £220million last year and the Mirror revealed yesterday that energy firms are cashing in on the big freeze with gas demand soaring 25%. Industry regulator Ofgem is launching an investigation into rip-off claims as suppliers’ profits have soared 40% since autumn.

Audrey Gallacher, of watchdog Consumer Focus, said: “Customers will have been bracing themselves for this bad news but that won’t make them any less worried about affording their bills.”

3The price of petrol has soared to a record high, the AA said yesterday. The average price is now 121.76p a litre, beating the previous record of 121.61p.

02 December 2010

Oncobasidium theobromae Theobroma cacao

Oncobasidium theobromae Theobroma cacao ; Theobroma cacao also cacao tree and cocoa tree, is a small (4–8 m or 15–26 ft tall) evergreen tree in the family Sterculiaceae (alternatively Malvaceae), native to the deep tropical region of the Americas. Its seeds are used to make cocoa powder and chocolate. There are two prominent competing hypotheses about the origins of the domestication of the originally wild Theobroma cacao tree. One is that wild examples were originally distributed from southeastern Mexico to the Amazon basin, with domestication taking place both in the Lacandon area of Mexico and in lowland South America. But recent studies of Theobroma cacao genetics seem to show that the plant originated in the Amazon and was distributed by humans throughout Central America and Mesoamerica.

Combien de temps pour chauffer une Piece de 60 m2 avec un poele a petrole

Combien de temps pour chauffer une Piece de 60 m2 avec un poele a petrole ; Le biofioul est un néologisme pour qualifier l’huile végétale que l’on utilise pour se chauffer, par opposition au fioul tout court qui est un dérivé du pétrole dont on peut avoir régulièrement un aperçu sur notre littoral. Dans ce chapitre nous allons donc passer en revue toutes les solutions possibles pour se chauffer avec de l’huile végétale. Dans la rubrique «on nous cache tout, on nous dit rien», vous pourrez aussi trouver de l’information sur le moteur Stirling, qui permet à la fois de se chauffer avec du biofioul, mais aussi de produire toute l’électricité nécessaire pour l’habitat dans une logique de développement durable.

Starbucks to Triple Its Store Count In China

Starbucks to Triple Its Store Count In China ; Starbucks Corp. plans to more than triple the number of stores it has in mainland China in the next five years, the company said Wednesday. Starbucks plans to make China its largest market outside the U.S. Right now, Canada is the company's second-largest market. The Seattle-based coffee chain currently has 406 stores in China and plans to have more than 1,500 by 2015, the company said at an investor conference in New York.

The company, which has recently enjoyed a turnaround in the U.S., is trying to focus on expanding its international business, with plans to open 400 new stores around the world next year. Starbucks will continue rolling out its Via instant coffee, customizable frappuccino drinks and Starbucks rewards cards internationally,

Indian Coffee exporters fail to crack North American markets

Indian Coffee exporters fail to crack North American markets : Indian coffee exporters are steadily losing ground in the US and other North American countries. This is despite export subsidies by the Coffee Board of India.India, which had a significant market share in the US two decades ago, has now a marginal presence there, owing to higher freight costs.

“During the 1980’s, the US was a significant market for Indian coffee. However, with the advent of free market policies, exporters are finding it difficult to supply to the US due to high freight costs,” said Ramesh Rajah, president, Coffee Exporters Association of India.

Stock Futures Lower Ahead of Jobs. Stocks to Watch: AAPL, BAC, CVX, CROX, JPM, KFT, PGH, SBUX

Stock Futures Lower Ahead of Jobs. Stocks to Watch: AAPL, BAC, CVX, CROX, JPM, KFT, PGH, SBUX : Stock futures pointed to a slightly negative open ahead of the Labor Department’s employment report after the market rallying to 2-year highs. Investors are being cautious ahead of the latest monthly employment report, due at 8:30 am. Economists expect that nonfarm payrolls rose by 60,000 in October, the first gain in five months. The unemployment rate is expected to remain at 9.6%.

September pending home sales comes out at 10 am and a consumer credit report for September will be released at 3 pm. Today’s stocks to watch: Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL), Bank of America (NYSE:BAC), Chevron (NYSE:CVX), Crocs (NASDAQ:CROX), JPMorgan (NYSE:JPM), Kraft (NYSE:KFT), Pengrowth Energy (NYSE:PGH), and Starbucks (NASDAQ:SBUX).

Dell Starhub unveil Android-based Streak tablet

Dell, Starhub unveil Android-based Streak tablet : Tablet lovers in Singapore will soon have a new option - the Dell Streak, Dell's first all-in-one ultra-portable five-inch Android-based tablet. Equipped with WiFi, Bluetooth and 3G connectivity, the 220g Streak allows for easy web browsing, digital entertainment and social networking. It is integrated with A-GPS and e-compass for digital navigation and location-based applications. Dell's new user interface, Stage, provides users instant access to their favourite content.

The tablet sports a damage-resistant Gorilla Glass touchscreen and comes with a rear-facing 5-megapixel auto-focus camera with dual LED flash as well as a front-facing VGA webcam. It is powered by a 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and features 2GB built-in memory that is expandable up to 32GB via a MicroSD slot.

Berlusconi in focus on Clinton's WikiLeaks tour

Berlusconi in focus on Clinton's WikiLeaks tour ; Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has done a lot of explaining to foreign leaders after the embarrassing Wikileaks release of U.S. embassy cables -- but few needed as much placating as Italy's Silvio Berlusconi. Clinton took the opportunity of a meeting at a Kazakhstan summit to personally reassure the Italian prime minister, whose feathers were clearly ruffled by U.S. cables which called him "feckless" and a hard-partyer.

"We have no better friend, we have no one who supports the American policies as consistently as Prime Minister Berlusconi has," Clinton told the news cameras as the two met. "The United States, Republican and Democratic administrations like, know that they can count on the prime minister to support the policies and values that Italy and the United States share in common," Clinton said.

23 November 2010

Cheat Point Blank (PB) 23112010 Three Hacker BlackDragoN V.1. 23 November 2010

Cheat Point Blank (PB) 23112010 ThreeHacker BlackDragoN V.1. 23 November 2010;

Target Game: PointBlank
Anti-Cheat: AhnLab HackShield Pro
Type: Trainer / Cheat
Cheat / Trainer Effect:
[*] Minimize = INSERT [ON]
[*] Minimize = DELETE [OFF]
[*] MASMED HACK = Numpad 1-0
[*] Updated Speedhack Off Direction = Direction Up Down

Tested: Microsoft Windows XP Professional 2002, Win 7, Win XP Service pack 3 Pentium ® Dual-Core CPU E6500@2.93 GHz 2.93 GHz, 2.00 GB of RAM

How to use: Open His First PoinBlank Pas her bobbed Launcher And His New Open ThreeHacker if Masmed Pncet Dlo masmed or contrast: D
Additional Note: I am not responsible if the mirror re-
and my file is contaminated with the virus because the mirror!

Download Three Hacker BlackDragoN V.1

25 October 2010

Download Cheat Point Blank Unity Halloween Edition 25 Oktober 2010

Download Cheat Point Blank Unity Halloween Edition 25 Oktober 2010 ; Tapi kali ini pada tanggal 25 Oktober 2010 atau troopers sering menyebutnya 25102010, ada versi baru, yaitu Cheat Point Blank Unity Halloween Edition 25 Oktober 2010.

Dan seperti yang diketahui, fitur-fitur Cheat PB Unity Haloween Edition 25 Oktober 2010 ini adalah wallshot, Alt_Tab, bomberman, Misi Mayor, dan Mision Card Hack / Hack Mass Medal

Cara pakai : Untuk WS, Alt_Tab Dan bomberman sama seperti unity_AreaV5

Untuk Misi mayor hokey F12...... (Coba di gunakan saat pertama kali masuk PB sebelum pencet hotkey apapun.... trus saat di lobby pencet F12 sampai berbunyi, maaf saya gak ganti filenya... untuk misi mayor sedikit salah coding tapi work...)

Untuk hack misi :

Numpad 1 = P
Numpad 2 = O
Numpad 3 = I
Numpad 4 = N
Numpad 5 = T
Numpad 6 = B
Numpad 7 = L
Numpad 8 = A
Numpad 9 = N
Numpad 0 = K

Untuk Reset Card Pencet DELETE
DOWNLOAD Cheat Point Blank Unity Halloween Edition 25 Oktober 2010 disini

Penjelasan buat cheat yang tidak work :

Gini gan... coba tunggu sampe file otomatis ter injeksi, nnti bakal ada 2 notifikasi... kalo cuma 1 notif berarti file yg 1 nya gak bisa di pake di kompie agan ato mungkin belum terinjeksi, soalnya saya menggunakan 2 file untuk di injeksi yg saya buat dengan 2 program berbeda untuk walshoot, bom sama alt tab saya menggunakan dev-c++ sedangkan untuk misi mayor, dan mision card hack saya menggunakan MS VC++ 2008...

untuk yg menggunakan devc++ saya yakin work semua komputer karena itu murni bahasa C tanpa campurtangan dari pihak microsoft... sedangkan C++ 2008 belum tentu semua komputer work... pada komputer saya work 100% cuma agak ribet buat misi mayor... kalo saya sudah pencet hotkey numpad 1 sampai 0 pasti pencet F12 gak akan bisa... soalnya codingnya agak salah....

tapi kalo saat masuk pertama kali lalu di lobby saya pencet F12 itu work, pangkat berubah jadi kolonel emas, dengan point tak terhingga... nah untuk misi card hack, coba kosongkan seluruh isi kartu misi anda jangan sampai ada misi yg lain... trus beli misi, masuk room, trus pencet 1 sampai 0 dengan cara biasanya mision card hack.... saya gak mungkin share jika tidak saya testing dengan rekan2 clan saya terlebih dahulu... jika rekan2 clan saya bilang work baru saya share... rekan saya berbeda derah, berbeda pulau, dan berbeda komputer pula pastinya

British fashion is worth £21 billion

British fashion is worth £21 billion ; The media can sometimes be the fashion industry's worst enemy. In the past week, as New York's leading designers unveiled their collections at locations all over Manhattan, newspapers and broadcasters in Britain reported on Lady Gaga wearing an outfit made entirely of meat (though, mercifully, she wore it at the MTV Video Music Awards and not on the front row of a fashion show), Victoria Beckham's numerous costume changes and, shock, New York's first outsize fashion show.

It's rarely the many beautiful, commercial clothes that make it on to the front pages - and understandably so. The theatre, brouhaha and glittering celebrity of the fashion world often eclipses what's really going on away from the media glare. But it also means a lot of people do not take fashion very seriously at all.

For the average person on the street, the fashion business can look like a ludicrous world populated by celebrities, eccentrics and an endless stream of fashion "characters" in high heels and wacky hats. It's a presumption that London Fashion Week - which begins today - often suffers from, especially as it's at the epicentre of fashion creativity.

But behind the air-kissing and paparazzi flashing there is a very serious business, as any store owner, editor or designer knows all too well. And at last there is evidence of the fact.

Yesterday Ed Vaizey, the Culture Minister, and Vince Cable, the Business Secretary, helped launch the "Value of Fashion" report at the House of Commons - a detailed survey of the UK's fashion industry that was commissioned by the British Fashion Council (BFC) and put together by Oxford Economics, a well-respected and long-established provider of economic analysis.

The study concludes that the fashion industry is now worth £21 billion a year to the UK economy, and as much as £37 billion when its wider contribution is taken into account, including tourism and related businesses.

The report also found that the fashion business, which is the 15th largest industry in the UK, directly employs 816,000 people, making it the second biggest employer.

It's the first time that a report has provided a comprehensive overview of the fashion industry, and it was put together by analysing the industry's profits and employment across all sectors, from the wholesale, retail and manufacturing of womenswear, menswear and accessories, across designer brands and right down to the high street - from Pringle to Primark - and including related businesses such as fashion education, marketing and media.

The BFC's chairman, Harold Tillman, who has even more of a vested interest in the success of British fashion as he is also chairman of Jaeger and Aquascutum, hopes that the report will give the Government the impetus to invest more in the fashion business: "Fashion is a great British success story and this landmark piece of research underlines its true scope and economic impact. This is just the first step to creating a detailed national action plan for the industry which will help to support its future growth and success."

The report makes recommendations for the future - from providing students with better business training at college to giving them support once their businesses are up and running.

Of course it's easy to pinpoint flaws in the very rosy figures. Many of the high street giants whose vast profits are included in this report base their manufacturing overseas, in China. Many designer brands are also forced to produce abroad, in Italy or France, as the manufacturing base in the UK has declined.

None the less, fashion is important. The designers who will show their collections during London Fashion Week over the next few days will take orders totalling £100 million.

Although that is an impressive figure, it is dwarfed by the sales of global fashion labels in other capitals. However, as Ed Vaizey was quick to point out this week, the country also basks in reflected glory from our talented young designers: "British fashion has the talent, creativity and skills to rival anywhere in the world. Our new and established designers are internationally renowned for their unique vision."

They are also the reason that our fashion colleges are the envy of the world and why major fashion houses from New York, Milan and Paris will all come to London colleges when they are looking for fresh talent for their teams. All of which adds to our "fashion economy".

When the BFC's report points to the tourism that is generated by our fashion business, it is not only referring to the vibrant and creative designer scene - our high-street style is also the envy of women across the globe. Topshop and the like convert designer trends into high-street clothes at record speed - something that other countries' chain-stores may have mimicked but in which British brands still lead the way.

It's why foreign buyers and editors always make a beeline for our high- street stores when they make their bi-annual trips to Fashion Week. The diversity of our high-street fashion is one of its strongest selling points. There is a wealth of choice and the on-trend, well-made clothes are incredibly cheap - which can be a good or a bad thing, depending on your ethics.

There are few young designers on the fashion week calendar who don't have a lucrative deal on the high street that fuels their own business, whether it's Henry Holland at Debenhams, Roksanda Ilincic at Whistles, Giles Deacon at New Look… the list goes on and on.

John Lewis, which reported soaring half-year profits yesterday, has recently launched a £10 million new fashion floor at its Oxford Circus flagship and also unveiled a series of collaborations with British designers including William Tempest, Philip Treacy and shoemaker Terry de Havilland. And, as anyone who shops on the high street knows, such collaborations are increasingly spilling over into everything from interiors to beauty - there are few areas that are not touched in some way by the fashion business.

While the BFC is, quite rightly, making a plea for the Government to support the fashion industry, there are signs that in London, at least, it is flourishing despite some very challenging conditions. Burberry, one of British fashion's great success stories, has moved its shows back to London (it was formerly based in Milan for Fashion Week). After the label's show next Tuesday, customers will be able to order clothes that will be delivered just seven weeks later (rather than the standard six months), many of which are British-made. It's a marker of just how voracious the appetite still is for expensive designer clothes and accessories.

Tom Ford, who staged the most talked about, if least seen, show in New York this week is opening his design studio in London after a five-year absence from womenswear in which he has built his menswear brands and made movies.

And on Monday morning we will have a stark reminder of how incredible British creativity can be built into a global brand when the late Alexander McQueen is given his final send-off with a memorial service at St Paul's Cathedral. McQueen's incredible artistry may have fed into the notion of fashion as a whimsical business that had little relevance to the man, or rather woman, on the street, but much of London's reputation as a fashion centre rests on his, and his contemporaries', shoulders.

Windows 7 mobile for businesses Review

Windows 7 mobile for businesses Review : Windows 7 mobile for businesses ; Microsoft is betting the farm on its new mobile phone operating system, in a high-stakes attempt to succeed in the world of smartphones. I’ve covered earlier Windows operating systems for phones and found them largely uninspiring. Happily, the new version puts most things right. It launches on six phones in the UK on Thursday 21 October.

At first glance, it seems to have turned its back on the business community that was its chief source of custom. This is a consumer-focused system, full of stylish effects and non-business aspects like social networking apps and video playback. It divides the phone into six hubs and only one of them (called Office) is business-oriented. In fact one, Xbox Live, is dedicated to gaming so is definitely not a productivity tool.

But the more you explore, the better Windows Phone 7 appears, business-wise. There are the small touches, like finding your way to a meeting. Touch the calendar, press the address of the meeting and the phone recognises it and takes you to a map, zooming in so that when you’re at street level it shows you a satellite photo to help you spot the building. Better still, if you’ve been delayed, one touch on the Late button in the calendar creates an SMS or email with text to warn your colleagues you’re not going to be on time. This is neat, though it remains to be seen if it subliminally encourages tardiness.

There is one major flaw, frankly all that holds it back from a fifth star: the Office hub includes versions of Word and Excel, which is great, but there’s no cut and paste facility. Given that it’s best to minimise typing on a phone’s virtual keyboard, the lack of a feature to move a paragraph up a page, say, is annoying. Microsoft promised that an update will fix this, but it won't arrive until next year, so if you plan to work on documents a lot, it may be worth holding back.

Although there are half a dozen phones available at launch, there is much uniformity between them. Microsoft has insisted on specifications including screen resolution, processor speed and other features.

I’d choose one of the three HTC handsets: the Mozart has a great unibody casing and the large-screened HD7 is a worthy successor to HTC’s HD2, reviewed here in the past. Though not perfect, Windows Phone 7 is different and exciting, it looks fresh and is easy to use. And once cut and paste is working it will be a sensational business tool.

cooking with flowers

cooking with flowers ; Smells have the power – more than music or photographs – to take you back to a particular place and time. Sometimes, while walking the children to school or sorting out drawers of clothes, a scent will come to me that reminds me of a time I had completely forgotten. Smells can take you by surprise and leave you marvelling at how the human brain stores the details of our lives. Of course, smell is crucial in the kitchen and provides one of the main pleasures of food. Strong coffee, warm brioche, a pot of chicken stock, all these will make me feel happy even if I am not going to eat them. I got hooked on flowers and food early on.

At a school bring-and-buy sale my mum got me a raffle ticket to win a cake. The cake was pure fairytale stuff for a six-year-old – tiered, covered in ivory icing and scattered with deep-red rose petals and little buds. It smelt of heaven, and the only way I could get enough of that scent, I thought, was to eat it. We didn't win the raffle but the gift my mum bought me to ease the disappointment was also floral. It was a bottle of African violets – my first perfume – in a little china capsule. If the colour purple has a smell, I thought, then this is it. I could almost have drunk it.

For many people floral scents are old-fashioned, cloying, suitable for perfuming granny's clothes but not assertive enough for anyone else. Not me. I have always thought the subtlety of flowers rendered them mysterious, foreign and desirable. Few things have tantalised and seduced like scents. The Romans scattered rose petals on their floors, Cleopatra anointed her hands with oil of roses, Roman gladiators rubbed oil of flowers into their skin before combat and Napoleon used to spend time before a campaign deciding which pair of scented gloves he would wear. Making love to Antony while smelling of roses? The lavender-scented loins of burly men? I would say that makes floral scents pretty sexy.

The trend for wild food and growing our own, along with a growing love of Middle Eastern food, has brought cooking with flowers into vogue. In an age when the most exotic spices have been made familiar the smell of blossoms in our pans still has the power to transport. Food is always more than something to sate hunger. It is also about pleasure. Adding a whiff of rose or orange-blossom water to a syrup to drench a cake or dusting lavender sugar over a plate of meringues makes you into a perfumer as well as a cook – a conjuror of the senses.

Click on the links to the left for Diana's delicious flower-filled recipes: Turkish rose and cardamom ice cream with pistachio biscuits; brown-sugar meringues with lavender cream and blackberries; and orange and ricotta cake with oranges in flower-water syrup

24 October 2010

Definisi efektivitas eksplisit dan implisit

Definisi efektivitas eksplisit dan implisit ;
Definisi eksplisit:
gamblang, tegas, terus terang, tidak berbelit-belit (sehingga orang dapat menangkap maksudnya dengan mudah dan tidak mempunyai gambaran yang kabur atau salah mengenai berita, keputusan, pidato, dsb); tersurat.

eksplisit : makna/maksud diajukan secara langsung dan jelas
implisit : makna/maksud diajukan tidak secara langsung dan sembunyi2

contohnya :
saya ingin km memberi bintang pd jawaban aq
aq bilang :bintangin jawaban aq pliz (eksplisit)
jawaban lainnya gak pantas dibintangin (implisit)

Makna eksplisit adalah makna absolut yang langsung diacu oleh bahasa. Konsep makna ini bersifat denotatif (sebenarnya) sebagai representasi dari bahasa kognitif.

Sedangkan makna implisit adalah makna universal yang disembunyikan oleh bahasa.Konsep makna ini bersifat konotatif (kias) sebagai representasi dari bahasa emotif. Makna eksplisit mengacu pada informasi, sedangkan makna implisit mengacu pada emosi.

Ornamental fish business, Promising Business opportunities

Ornamental fish business, Promising Business opportunities ; Ornamental fish is an entertainment product that has real economic value. Different kinds and various sizes of ornamental fish currently on the market locally, nationally, and internationally both freshwater and seawater. The beauty of body shape and color of ornamental fish to make anyone excited and amazed if looking for . Characteristic of those who make ornamental fish enthusiasts willing to spend a lot of money in order to have various kinds of ornamental fish and tank.
In the city of Kendari, a number of ornamental fish sellers began popping up a lot. However, they still have not totally concerned with this business. This is caused by the prospect of ornamental fish in the city of Kendari still less attention. Ornamental fish culture is still very limited, mostly brought in from outside the city of Kendari.

Starting from a hobby, now a business that could be categorized as a promising business. "Sales of ornamental fish in the market always follow the trend of ornamental fish are again much-loved by the fans," said Sigit, one fan and owner of this ornamental fish business.

Sigit itself does not have a background in science to keep the fish. All of the experience gained since the start happy and interested in ornamental fish. "Back then it was just simply happy and eventually became a hobby," he said. "This business is not the first attempt, I originally started the business food trade but with a different consideration I finally decided to wrestle this ornamental fish business," continued the father of three children. For those of you who are still registered as a Civil Servant dilingkup Southeast Sulawesi provincial government is making efforts being cultivated today is jobs, "Well ... for in case have retired can no events too," he said with a chuckle.

Ornamental fish business in the vicinity of the roundabout this MandongaDistricts started in 1999 by Sigit by hiring three workers are still bound by family ties with him. In a day can be sold around 10 fish with a price of USD 50-20 thousand per head depending on the type and size. "This fish is brought in from Jakarta and Surabaya, but more than Makassar considering the area near and rapid distribution and transportation costs are a bit low," he said.

Sigit able to earn a profit of about Rp 2 million per month from businesses that have long run. Which pioneered the business since 10 years ago it has increased. This can be seen from the orders obtained, initially only come from within the city but now  fish demand also came from various areas, such as Bombana, Kolaka, and several other areas in the Southeast. Although many have penetrated this business, middle-aged man is still optimistic in business.

Improvement of the business is influenced by several factors, and one of them is a continuous maintenance. Maintenance is the maintenance of the ornamental or aquarium fish living and feeding is concerned. Maintenance on the ornamental or aquarium fish life is change of water every 2 weeks. Substitution of this water is not as a whole but only in part with a ratio of 50: 50. Water that is used should be water precipitated pam 8 hours, or can also use water from drilled wells. This is done to prevent the fish do not feel stressed and continue to feel there in the original habitat or living place originally.

In addition, replacement of water, also after cleaning an aquarium with a way to wipe the walls of the aquarium. Not only of where the life or aquarium, but also must memperatikan feeding. Feed given regularly in the morning or late afternoon in accordance with a rate of ornamental fish for fish is not too full. This maintenance is necessary to support the promotion of ornamental fish business has started ogled by many as a promising business opportunity. The more we try, the more there is a way to gain business opportunities.

new US networks block shows from Google TV

new US networks block shows from Google TV ; It means that hit television shows, such as The Office and CSI cannot be viewed through Google TV, a new service from the search giant that makes it easier for people to access on-demand content, scheduled television and the best of the internet through special set-top boxes or enabled TVs.

The reasons for the action have not officially been stated, but it is thought that some broadcasters are concerned Google TV will cannibalise existing revenue streams, and could tip the balance of power away from broadcasters and the networks in favour of Google.

UN calls for US to investigate torture claims revealed in leaked reports

UN calls for US to investigate torture claims revealed in leaked reports ; Manfred Nowak, the UN's special rapporteur on torture, told the BBC the US President Barack Obama had an "obligation" to carry out an independent and objective investigation. "There is an obligation to investigate whenever there are credible allegations torture has happened – and these allegations are more than credible – and then it is up to the courts," he said.

"It is then up to the courts on the one hand to bring the perpetrators to justice and also on the other hand to provide the victims with adequate reparation for the harm they have suffered."

21 August 2010

Oezil Comes, Madrid Clearance

Madrid : Oezil Comes, Madrid Clearance - General Manager of Real Madrid, Jorge Valdano, disclose, management decided to sell some players. This is a consequence of their shopping activities in this transfer market.

"We have 26 players now, so we must streamline the squad and this will happen in the near future. This position does not influence the Spanish players on our list, "said Valdano.

20 August 2010

Weakens the International Court of Claims Malaysia

Weakens the International Court of Claims Malaysia : Hostage-three officers of Marine and Fisheries DKP by Marine Police of Malaysia (MPM) in the waters of Cape rafting, Riau Islands has again sparked the two countries that border issues are often heated. Minister of Foreign Affairs (Foreign Minister) Marty Natalegawa states, on the border of both countries there are no areas gray or gray area when used as a pretext Malaysia violate Indonesian territory.

Video Torture By Police in Protest

Video Torture By Police in Protest : The public's eyes were focused on the Philippine national police, Wednesday (18/8) yesterday. The reason is, a widely circulated video of violence against a prisoner by police . Philippines Human Rights Commission also intervened. They quickly deployed a team to investigate the national police.

Video nasty it was the first publicized by the television station ABS - CBN. audiovisual media are stating to get the tape from an informant who was not known. It is said that the incident was recorded with a mobile phone camera.

Korea Got Twitter and Youtube Account

Korea Got Twitter and Youtube Account : Military South Korea (ROK) and the United States (U.S.), ignoring the threat of North Korea (North Korea). Yesterday (17/8) they are still a serious went on joint war exercises called Seoul 's defensive action. Simultaneously, the government reported North Korea to join Twitter and YouTube.

"This is one of the largest joint war exercises in the world, "explained Gen. Walter Sharp is the official website of the U.S. military as reported by Agence France- Presse. As leaders of the U.S. military in South Korea, he oversees the 28 500 soldiers. According to him, war games would have lasted 10 or 11 days that involves far more personnel than the previous exercises.

19 August 2010

Marzuki Alie Membantah Putra Sulung SBY Disiapkan untuk 2014

Jakarta: Wakil Ketua Dewan Pembina Partai Demokrat Marzuki Alie membantah anak sulung Presiden Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono, disetting dan dipersiapkan partai untuk berlaga dalam pemilu 2014. Menurut Marzuki, perjalanan karir Agus yang kini menyandang pangkat Kapten masih amat jauh untuk menuju 2014.

Bantahan itu disampaikan Marzuki Alie di DPR/MPR, Senayan, Jakarta, Rabu (18/8). Ia mengakui, Agus Harimurti memang disiapkan dengan pendidikan yang baik. Namun, kata Marzuki, sejarah yang akan menentukan karena perlu waktu dan proses panjang untuk membina yang bersangkutan.

SBY Dinilai Terlalu Narsis Dalam Membangun Image

Bagi-bagi Buku Keluarga Cikeas, SBY Narsis

Jakarta - Pembagian cenderamata buku keluarga Cikeas pada acara kenegaraan dinilai berlebihan. Presiden pun dinilai terlalu narsis dalam membangun citra.

Menurut Ibnu, dalam membangun pencitraan diri boleh-boleh saja dilakukan. Namun tidak mesti membangun pencitraan dengan cara yang narsis.

Pelecehan Terhadap Anggota Paskibra DKI Jakarta

Ketika Bugil, Diawasi Empat Senior Putri

Dugaan pelecehan terhadap anggota Paskibra DKI Jakarta kemungkinan terjadi ketika empat anggota Paskibra senior putri mengawasi mereka.

Seperti diberitakan, calon anggota Paskibra dari Provinsi DKI diduga mendapat perlakuan asusila ketika menjalani masa orientasi di Cibubur pada 2-6 Juli 2010. Mereka antara lain diduga telah diperintah oleh anggota Paskibra senior untuk berlari dari barak tidur ke barak mandi maupun sebaliknya dalam kondisi bugil dan itu dilakukan berkali-kali.

Aliran Dana Baasyir

Pelatihan Militer di Aceh
Jakarta : Misteri keterlibatan Amir Jamaah Ansharut Tauhid (JAT) Abu Bakar Baasyir dalam perencanaan dan pendanaan kegiatan terorisme dan latihan militer di Aceh akhirnya dibeberkan Polri. Keterlibatan Baasyir dalam kegiatan latihan militer kelompok teroris di Aceh itu bermula ketika dirinya ditemui oleh Ubaid Al Lutfi Haidaroh Al Abu Jakfar sekitar Maret 2009.
Di sanalah Ubaid diberi uang Rp 5 juta oleh ABB.
-- Brigjen Pol Iskandar Hasan

14 August 2010

Ajang Miss Universe 2010

Semoga Qory Sandioriva Bisa Lewati Prestasi Artika

ARTIKA Sari Devi sukses menembus 15 besar finalis Miss Universe 2005. Harapan besar juga ditujukan kepada Qory Sandioriva untuk bisa sukses meraih prestasi di ajang bergengsi ini.

“Berharap prestasi Qory bisa lebih baik dari Tika. Bisa masuk 15 besar sudah bagus, apalagi 10 besar atau 5 besar. Kalau bisa menang menjadi Miss Universe tentu prestasi yang membanggakan,” dukung desainer Lenny Agustin yang merancang gaun Qory Sandioriva di ajang Miss Universe 2010 saat dihubungi okezone melalui telepon selulernya, Jumat (13/8/2010). Baca Selengkapnya

Rekaman Percakapan Sengaja Dihilangkan?

Jakarta - Polri sudah menyatakan bahwa rekaman yang dimaksud dalam pernyataan Kapolri Jenderal (Pol) Bambang Hendarso Danuri adalah call data record (CDR), sedangkan rekaman percakapan Ade Raharja-Ary Muladi tak pernah dimiliki Polri. Baca Selengkapnya

Aksi Pembakaran Al Quran

Surat Terbuka Damien untuk Pastor Terry

Jakarta - Koordinator Nasional Gerakan Peduli Pluralisme yang juga seorang novelis, Damien Dematra mengatakan, melalui novel yang ditulisnya "Kau Bakar, Aku Bakar", ia ingin membuat Senior Pastor Terry Jones tak nyaman.

Terry adalah pemimpin kelompok non denominasi yang berbasis di Florida, AS, yang mencanangkan Hari Pembakaran Al Quran sedunia pada 11 September mendatang. Baca Selengkapnya

Dorce Menentang Kabar Pembakaran Al Quran

Jakarta - Dorce menganggap kabar pembakaran Al Quran di AS hanyalah bualan. Namun jika hal itu terjadi maka tak hanya kaum Muslim saja yang akan marah, tetapi warga seluruh dunia.

"Semua orang pasti marah Al Quran dibakar, tidak saja umat Muslim. Saya juga akan menentang jika ada pembakaran kitab agama lain," ungkap Dorce saat ditemui dalam acara bedah buku Kau Bakar Aku Bakar, di bilangan Cikini, Jakarta Pusat, Rabu (11/8). Baca Selengkapnya

09 August 2010

Ba'asyir Ditangkap Bersama Istri & Direktur Ngruki

Zona Berita - Jakarta : Santernya penangkapan Amir Jamaah Ansharut Tauhid (JAT), Abubakar Ba'asyir masih menjadi tanda tanya. Namun, kabar tersebut langsung mendapat respon dari Tim Pembela Muslim (TPM).

Ba'asyir Ditangkap, Pesantren Ngruki Sepi

Zona Berita - Solo : Suasana di pondok pesantren Islam Al Mukmin Ngruki, Solo, tampak sepi dan pintu gerbang tampak tertutup rapat. Hal ini menyusul kabar ditangkapnya Amir Jamaah Anshorut Tauhid KH Abu Bakar Ba’asyir dini hari tadi.

Polisi Tidur di Rumah Janda

Zona Berita - Banyuwangi : Seorang oknum polisi aktif berpangkat brigadir polisi satu (Briptu) anggota Polsek Kabat, Banyuwangi, Jawa Timur, Minggu (8/8/2010), digerebek warga karena kedapatan tidur di rumah seorang janda di kawasan Perumahan Griya Gurit Permai, Desa Pengantigan, Kecamatan Rogojampi.

Penggerebekan bermula dari keresahan warga setempat yang sering melihat oknum tersebut tidur di rumah YN (34), janda muda yang mengontrak rumah di Perumahan Griya Gurit Permai Rogojampi.

Tarian Terakhir Mimi Rasinah

Mimi Rasinah
Zona Berita - Indramayu : Orang tua yang agung! Mungkin ungkapan ini yang paling pas untuk melukiskan totalitas yang ditunjukkan Mimi Rasinah (80). Tetapi, kabar memilukan menyambar, Sabtu (7/8/2010) siang. Maestro tari topeng Indramayu itu pergi untuk selamanya....

Pasangan Selingkuh Nenek dan Kakek Terjaring Razia

Zona Berita - Ponorogo : Kepolisian Resor Ponorogo, Jawa Timur, Senin (2/8), menangkap 13 pasangan bukan suami istri dalam razia di sejumlah hotel. Sepasang di antaranya adalah nenek berusia 68 tahun dan kakek berumur 56 tahun. Mereka kemudian dibawa ke Markas Polres Ponorogo untuk didata.

Sementara operasi pekat di Banyumas, Jawa Tengah menyasar para pelacur yang biasa mangkal di sejumlah warung remang-remang dan hotel melati di Purwokerto. Pasangan bukan suami istri yang diduga berbuat mesum dirazia. Petugas juga menyisir kawasan kompleks terminal lama Purwokerto. Di sana diduga dijadikan lokasi prostitusi terselubung.

Sepasang Guru Tertangkap Selingkuh

Zona Berita - Sepasang Guru Tertangkap Selingkuh
BOGOR - Guru seharusnya menjadi panutan muridnya, namun guru kali ini malah memberikan contoh yang tidak terpuji. Pasalnya dua guru, yakni Wuri, guru SMA 9 Kota Bogor, dan Jumari, guru Primagama, digerebeg warga saat melakukan perselingkuhan di sebuah rumah.

Saat digerebek di Perum Bukit Cimanggu City Blok X 4, No 17 RT 10/14, Kelurahan Cibadak Kecamatan Tanah Sareal Kota Bogor, Jawa Barat pukul 09.00 Sabtu (7/8/2010) pagi, kedua insan manusia ini sedang asyik berduaan.

Penggerebekan berawal kecurigaan warga terhadap Wuri, pemilik rumah yang sering bergonta ganti, pria. Kecurigaan warga semakin jadi saat mengetahui Wuri tengah berada di rumah dengan seorang pria.

Tak menunggu lama, mereka pun digerebek dan diinterogasi oleh warga sekitar. Mendapat penjelasan keduanya bukan suami istri, warga menggelandangnya ke Polsek Tanah Sareal.

Ketua RT 10, Imran menuturkan, sejak rumah di Blok X 4 dibeli Wuri Sarani Andiyono (38) dua tahun lalu, dia selalu melihat gonta-ganti laki-laki.

Menurut Imran, semula dirinya diperkenalkan Wuri seorang pria yang mengaku suaminya. Namun berselang dua minggu, ada lagi laki-laki lain.

Kapolsek Tanah Sareal AKP Indrat Riyani, membenarkan kejadian tersebut. Namun kasus tersebut tidak dilanjutkan, karena masing-masing pihak, memilih jalan damai.

“Pak Teguh, suami Ibu Wuri, lebih mementingkan masa depan anaknya. Begitu juga istri Pak Jumari. Soalnya antara Pak Jumari dan Ibu Wuri masih hidup berdekatan di Bantarjati,” tandas Imran.

Solusi Agar Awal Puasa Tak Lagi Berbeda

Zona Berita - Perbedaan awal bulan Ramadan antara organisasi-organisasi Islam di Indonesia hampir terjadi setiap tahun.Tahun ini, misalnya, Muhammadiyah menetapkan awal puasa pada 11 Agustus. Sementara Nahdlatul Ulama baru akan melakukan rukyat 10 Agustus nanti.

Modus Kejahatan Menjelang Mudik Lebaran

Modus Kejahatan di Bulan Puasa dan Menjelang Mudik Lebaran
Menjelang bulan puasa, aktivitas warga untuk berbelanja kebutuhan pokok dan keperluan lainnya terus meningkat. Kesempatan ini tentunya bisa dijadikan peluang bagi para pelaku kejahatan untuk menjalankan aksinya.

08 August 2010

FPI Jadi Trending Topic di Twitter

FPI Jadi Trending Topic di Twitter
Zona Berita - Kasus dugaan penyerangan terhadap jemaat HKBP di Bekasi, telah disangkutpautkan dengan keterlibatan Front Pembela Islam (FPI). Karena itu, FPI pun menjadi perbicangan ramai di jagad maya.

Di situs mikroblogging Twitter, organisasi pimpinan Habib Rizieq itu menjadi obrolah panas para tweeps. Bahkan, FPI menjadi trending topic nomor 3.

Pantauan detikcom, Minggu (8/8/2010), pada pukul 15.00 WIB, posisi itu belum berubah. FPI berada di bawah Anderson Silva serta film anyar "Avatar, The Last Arbender".

FPI menjadi trending topic tentu terkait dengan kisruh yang dialami jemaat HKBP Bekasi. Padahal, Kapolres Metro Bekasi Kombes Pol Imam Sugiyanto, mengatakan kisruh itu melibatkan Forum Umat Islam (FUI). Kisruh itu dipicu oleh permasalahan lahan kosong yang akan dipakai untuk ibadah para jemaat.

Meskipun Kapolres Bekasi sudah mengatakan bahwa yang terlibat adalah FUI dan bukan FPI, namun tetap saja FPI menjadi sasaran kecaman di Twitter. Misalnya saja pemilik akun @RenPrats.

"Hey jangan lah kau mengatas namakan agama dgn apa yg kau bela, berkaca lah apa kalian sudah memahami dr arti beragama, FPI? Kalian MERUSAK!" kata dia.

Namun, ada pula Tweeps yang menasehati pemilik akun lainnya untuk sedikit menahan diri. Seperti @MasDanish yang menulis "Dearest sahabat2 NonMuslim ku yg Terhomat & Tersayang, Percayalah. Tindakan FPI tdk mewakili ISLAM. PERCAYALAH!"

Atau seperti apa yang diungkapkan @mrndNavy berikut ini: "Daripada ngomongin FPI, mending omongin persiapan puasa yang tinggal 2 hari lagi, yega?"

Petinggi Demokrat Sesalkan Kehadiran Fauzi Bowo di Acara FPI
Kehadiran Gubernur DKI Jakarta Fauzi Bowo di acara milad FPI disesalkan petinggi Partai Demokrat. Kehadiran Gubernur yang biasa disapa Foke ini dinilai sebagai restu atas eksistensi FPI.

"Kehadiran Gubernur DKI, dalam Milad FPI ke-12 sungguh disesalkan. Itu bisa ditafsirkan sebagai restu gubernur pada keberadaan FPI yang justru sedang digugat masyarakat luas sebab aksi-aksi polisionalnya yang ilegal," kata Sekretaris Departemen HAM DPP Partai Demokrat, Rachlan Nasidik di Jakarta, Sabtu (7/8/2010). Selengkapnya

Mbah Tardjo Dimakamkan di TMP Semaki Yogyakarta

Mbah Tardjo Kader Loyal PDIP

Jakarta - Ketua DPP PDI Perjuangan Maruarar Sirait mengenang Soetardjo Soerjogoeritno atau dikenal dengan Mbah Tardjo sebagai sosok yang loyal terhadap partai.

"Beliau kader yang sangat setia dan loyal kepada partai, sederhana dan rendah hati," kata Maruarar saat melayat ke rumah duka di Perumahan Pesona Agung Nomor C3, Jalan Raya Lenteng Agung Nomor 72, Jakarta Selatan, Minggu (8/8/2010) dini hari.

Maruarar menambahkan, Mbah Tardjo juga sangat konsisten dengan pendiriannya. Kader muda PDIP pun, katanya, harus mencontoh keteladanan politisi senior tersebut. "Pesan yang saya ingat beliau mengajrkan kita konsisten dan sabar, mengingatkan kami agar menghayati Pancasila," sambungnya.

Dalam perjalanan hidupnya, Mbah Tardjo memulai aktivitas politiknya di Partai Nasionalis Indonesia (PNI) tahun 1950. Dia juga pernah menjabat Ketua DPC Partai Demokras Indonesia wilayah Sleman (1973-1988). Saat reformasi, mantan wakil Ketua DPR ini juga menduduki kursi Ketua DPP PDIP (1998-2000).

"Walaupun beliau senior tapi bisa dekat dengan kami anak-anak muda dengan caranya guyon," kata Maruarar.

Mbah Tardjo Dimakamkan di TMP Semaki Yogyakarta
Politisi senior PDI Perjuangan, Soetardjo Soerjogoeritno akan dimakamkan di Taman Pahlawan Semaki Yogyakarta siang ini. Rencananya, pria yang dikenal Mbah Tardjo ini akan diterbangkan ke Yogyakarta sekira pukul 11.00 WIB dari Bandara Halim Perdanakusumah, Jakarta.

Hal ini disampaikan adik Mbah Tardjo, Warsito kepada wartawan, di rumah duka, Perumahan Pesona Agung Nomor C3, Jalan Raya Lenteng Agung Nomor 72, Jakarta Selatan, Minggu (8/8/2010) dini hari. Selengkapnya

Rumah Aktivis Buruh di Malang Ditembaki

Malang - Rumah Ketua Umum Solidaritas Perjuangan Buruh Indonesia Luthfi Khalid yang beralamat di Jalan Raya Cokro, Kecamatan Pakis, Kabupaten Malang, Jawa Timur, ditembaki orang tak dikenal.
Luthfi menceritakan, penembakan terjadi pada Sabtu (7/8), sekitar pukul 01.50 WIB, saat ia sekeluarga sedang tidur. Malamnya ia baru pulang dari rumah ibunya di Jalan Sulfat, Kota Malang.

Diprotes FPI Karena Berbikini, Enno Lerian Minta Dihargai

Jakarta - Mantan penyanyi cilik Enno Lerian menanggapi protes yang dilayangkan FPI pada aksinya berbikini di film 'Selimut Berdarah'. Enno minta siapapun menghargai keputusannya karena dia sudah dewasa.

Foto Masa Lalu Megan Fox Beredar

Zona Berita - Memiliki tubuh seksi dan wajah sensual membuat Megan Fox sering dijuluki aktris terseksi di Hollywood. Tak mengherankan jika bintang cantik ini juga digilai banyak pria.

Kesaksian Ketua RW Tentang Tersangka Teroris

Bandung - Fakhri dan rekannya, yang diduga bagian dari jaringan kelompok teroris di Bandung, ditangkap Densus 88, Mabes Polri, Tim Gegana dan Polda Jabar, pada Sabtu (7/8) pukul 11.00 WIB. Fakhri ditangkap di dalam kamar kontrakannya, sedangkan rekannya ditangkap saat berusaha melarikan diri melalui kebun belakang.

Ketua RT 02/ 12, Adang, menyatakan tidak pernah mengetahui ada warga baru yang mengontrak di rumah tersebut. Ia mengaku, Fakhri alias Hilmi pun belum menemuinya untuk melapor. “Saya belum mendapatkan laporan adanya warga baru yang bernama Fakhri alias Hilmi,” ungkap Adang kepada para wartawan, Sabtu (7/8) petang.

07 August 2010

AVI+Clamav: Tangkal Puluhan Ribu Serangan

Zona Berita - Salah satu kelebihan AVI adalah pada keberadaan pengaya (plugin). Berkat fasilitas ini, kemampuan AVI dapat ditingkatkan dengan mudah. Salah satu pengaya terbaru yang dimiliki AVI adalah Clamsav. Ini adalah pengaya yang mengintegrasikan database Clamav ke dalam database AVI. Dengan begitu, AVI kini dapat menangkal puluhan ribu jenis serangan, baik lokal maupun internasional. Salah satu yang membuat sebuah antivirus hebat dalam mendeteksi virus-virus komputer adalah jumlah definisi ancaman yang dimilikinya. Semakin banyak definisi, semakin baik antivirus tersebut dalam menghadang berbagai macam ancaman yang mencoba masuk ke dalam komputer.

AVI merupakan salah satu antivirus lokal yang memiliki jumlah definisi ancaman yang terbatas. Selama ini, database AVI lebih banyak berisi virus-virus lokal. Keterbatasan ini disebabkan karena jumlah virus baru yang dilaporkan pengguna AVI hanya berkisar dari Indonesia saja. Inilah mengapa banyak orang menganggap antivirus lokal hanya ampuh untuk mengatasi virus lokal saja.

Virus "Deadlock", Pesannya Positif tapi Hancurkan Komputer

Virus Deadlock
Zona Berita - Pesannya terdengar positif dengan kata-kata yang membangkitkan patriotisme. Namun, jangan terbuai kata-kata manis yang dibawa sebuah virus komputer lokal baru bernama Deadlock. Simak pesan tersebut berikut ini.  

Bebaskan Negeri kami Indonesia dari Terorisme, Anarkis, dan KKN (Kolusi, Korupsi & Nepotisme) pada Kubu Pemerintahan Republik Indonesia (Sipil, TNI & Polisi) serta Tangkap, Berantas dan Penjarakan ? Tanpa Kecuali. Bersihkan Negeri kami dari Portitusi, Perjudian dan Kejahatan Sosial. Merdekakan diri kami dari Kemiskinan, Kesengsaraan dan Ketidakadilan! Bersama Partai Demokrat? SBY & BOEDIONO, Bersama Membangun Indonesia Adil, Makmur & Sejahtera Atas Nama Bangsa Indonesia

Semua Terpukau Melihat Boediono Menyanyi 'Setangkai Bunga Mawar'

Zona Berita - Usai Rapat Kerja Nasional III Kabinet dengan Gubernur se-Indonesia di Istana Bogor, Wakil Presiden Boediono memilih bersantai dengan wartawan yang biasa meliput Istana Wapres. Acara santai Boediono dengan wartawan pun dilakukan di Istana Bogor, 6-7 Agustus 2010.

Hacker Mulai Incar Pembangkit Listrik

Zona Berita - Peretas komputer mulai membidik pembangkit listrik dan instalasi kritis lainnya di seluruh dunia dalam rangka mengambil alih kontrol, membuat kekacauan untuk melemahkan sistem usang yang sudah ringkih.

Mengutil, Putri Eks Walikota New York Ditangkap

New York - Putri bekas Walikota New York Rudolp Giuliani, Caroline Giu­liani (20) tertangkap basah me­ngutil di sebuah toko kosmetik. Anak Walikota New York ke-107 itu ketahuan mencuri karena re­kaman video keamanan di toko tersebut.

Memelihara Kucing Dapat Memperpanjang Umur

Zona Berita - Boleh percaya, boleh juga tidak. Namun, menurut penulis Younger Next for Women, Henry S. Lodge, 40 persen pemelihara kucing memiliki risiko kematian akibat serangan jantung lebih rendah dibanding mereka yang tak memelihara kucing. Hal ini disampaikan Lodge seperti dikutip majalah Self, baru-baru ini.

Manfaat Kopi dan Teh Bagi Jantung

Manfaat Kopi dan Teh
Zona Berita - Sebuah studi selama 13 tahun dari Belanda telah menemukan bahwa dengan meminum beberapa cangkir teh atau kopi sehari dapat melindungi Anda terhadap penyakit jantung. Penelitian yang dilakukan terhadap 40.000 orang ditemukan bahwa mereka yang minum lebih dari enam cangkir teh sehari menunjukkan terjadinya pengurangan resiko penyakit jantung. Ini menambah bukti yang menunjukkan akan manfaat kesehatan dari minuman panas yang paling populer.

Mengkonsumsi antara dua sampai empat cankir kopi perhari juga dikaitkan dengan penurunan risiko terkena serangan jantung. Sementara efek perlindungan berhenti dengan lebih dari empat cangkir kopi sehari, bahkan mereka yang minum sebanyak ini cenderung mencegah penyakit jantung termasuk stroke dan kanker, dibanding mereka yang tidak pernah minum kopi maupun teh sama sekali.

Usia 30 Tahun, Tinggi Lely Hanya 90 Cm

Sukabumi - Seorang warga Cisuereuh, Kelurahan Karang Tengah, Gunung Puyuh, Sukabumi, Jawa Barat, menderita penyakit aneh. Meski usianya 30 tahun, tinggi tubuhnya hanya 90 sentimeter serta tutur katanya juga seperti anak kecil.

Tubuh Rohmat Dipenuhi Sisik Seperti Ikan

Pandeglang - Seorang bocah dari keluarga miskin di Pandeglang, Banten, selama tujuh tahun menderita penyakit kulit. Ketiadaan biaya membuat kedua orang tuanya yang berprofesi sebagai buruh tani hanya merawat buah hati mereka bernama Rohmat di rumah.

Sembako Naik, Perceraian Juga Ikut Naik

Lebak - Kasus perceraian di Kabupaten Lebak, Banten, meningkat akibat kenaikan harga sembilan bahan pokok dan tarif dasar listrik yang memicu terjadi himpitan ekonomi keluarga.

"Selama ini banyak pasangan suami isteri mengajukan talak dan gugatan cerai," kata Kepala bagian Humas Pengadilan Agama Kabupaten Lebak Mas’ud, di Rangkasbitung, Jumat (6/8/2010). Baca Selengkapnya

Kain Batik, Ulos Sampai Wayang Diboyong ke Ceko

Jakarta - Sebagai salah satu rangkaian acara Festival Indonesia 2010 di kota Plzen, Ceko pada Kamis (5/8) telah dibuka Pameran Kain Tradisional Indonesia bertempat di Galeri Manumade, Plzen. Kain-kain yang indah ini dipamerkan mulai 5 Agustus sampai 2 September.

Polda Metro Jaya Grebek Pengoplos Oli Palsu

Jakarta - Polda Metro Jaya melakukan penggerebekan sebuah tempat yang diduga pengoplos oli palsu. Dalam penggerebekan ini, polisi mengamankan dua orang dan puluhan drum oli bekas.

Kasat III Sumber Daya Lingkungan (Sumdaling) Polda Metro Jaya AKP K Eko Saputro menjelaskan penggerebekan yang dilakukan 27 Juli lalu atas informasi dari warga. Baca Selengkapnya

Usulan Berkembang, Kini Giliran Banten Dicalonkan Jadi Ibukota

Zona Berita - Terkait wacana pemindahan ibukota, ide-ide lama bermunculan kembali. Mulai dari pemindahan ibukota ke Palangkaraya seperti dulu pernah direncanakan Presiden Soekarno, ataupun menjadikan Jonggol, sebuah kecamatan di Kabupaten Bogor, Jawa Barat, menjadi pengganti Jakarta, seperti diusulkan almarhum Soeharto.

Ahli planologi dari Universitas Trisakti, Yayat Supriatna, menyebutkan kedua usul itu sama-sama memiliki sisi positif dan negatif. Tapi, dalam pendapatnya pribadi, ia tidak cenderung memilih salah satu dari dua opsi itu. "Sebetulnya wilayah yang baik adalah wilayah yang belum berkembang pengolahan tanahnya, dan itu masih cukup banyak," kata Yayat di gedung DPD, Senayan, Jakarta, Jumat (6/8). Baca Selengkapnya

Benarkah Makanan Kaleng Lemahkan Sperma

Zona Berita - Banyak orang memilih makanan instan karena praktis. Mereka agaknya tak sadar bahwa kaleng atau botol plastik pembungkus makanan instan mengandung Bisfenol A (BPA) yang dapat memengaruhi kesuburan.

Penduduk Jakarta Rawan Terkena Serangan Jantung?

Jakarta - Kemacetan di Ibu Kota Jakarta dinilai dapat menyebabkan penyakit jantung pada masyarakatnya. Kemacetan tinggi yang mengakibatkan stress, beresiko tiga kali lebih tinggi terkena serangan jantung.
''Sekitar 60 persen orang yang terkena serangan jantung punya stress,'' ujar ahli penyakit jantung dari Universitas Indonesia, Santoso Karo Karo, di Jakarta, Rabu (4/8).

Seusai Keguguran Jangan Tunda Kehamilan

Zona Berita - Perempuan yang mengandung dalam enam bulan setelah keguguran memiliki peluang untuk hamil sehat tanpa komplikasi dibandingkan perempuan yang menunggu lebih lama.

Guru Cabuli 7 Siswi, Divonis 2 Tahun

Lahat - Majelis Hakim Pengadilan Negeri, Lahat, Sumatera Selatan, Jumat (6/8/2010), menjatuhkan hukuman dua tahun penjara terhadap oknum Kepala Sekolah Dasar di Desa/Kecamatan Gumay Talang, AM, yang mencabuli tujuh siswi.

120 Tahun Migrasi Suku Bangsa Jawa

Zona Berita - Konsentrasi terbesar masyarakat suku Jawa di luar Republik Indonesia terdapat di Suriname, Amerika Selatan. Tahun ini, pada tanggal 9 Agustus, merupakan peringatan 120 tahun kedatangan suku bangsa Jawa di Suriname yang kini memiliki populasi 20 persen dari republik berpenduduk setengah juta jiwa itu.

Rumah dan Mobil Dinas Jangan Berlebihan

Pengalengan - Presiden Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono mengingatkan para pemimpin daerah di seluruh Indonesia untuk tidak berlebihan dalam menggunakan anggaran guna pembangunan rumah dinas dan pembelian mobil dinas.

Jenazah Setya Permana Dipulangkan ke Bandung

JakartaJenazah Setya Permana, anggota Komisi III Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat  segera dibawa ke Bandung untuk disemayamkan. Begitu pun jenazah istri Sutjipto, anggota Komisi III dari Fraksi Demokrat, akan dibawa ke Jakarta.

Polisi Bantah Aksi Perkosaan Anggota DPR

Bandung - Kepolisian Resor Kota Besar Bandung menyangkal tengah menangani kasus dugaan pemerkosaan seorang sales promotion girl berinisial 'D' oleh anggota DPR RI berinisial 'N' di Bandung. "Itu isu dari mana, nggak ada kita meriksa itu," kata Kepala Polrestabes Bandung Komisaris Besar Imam Budi Supeno, saat dihubungi, Jum'at (6/8).

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