24 October 2010

Ornamental fish business, Promising Business opportunities

Ornamental fish business, Promising Business opportunities ; Ornamental fish is an entertainment product that has real economic value. Different kinds and various sizes of ornamental fish currently on the market locally, nationally, and internationally both freshwater and seawater. The beauty of body shape and color of ornamental fish to make anyone excited and amazed if looking for . Characteristic of those who make ornamental fish enthusiasts willing to spend a lot of money in order to have various kinds of ornamental fish and tank.
In the city of Kendari, a number of ornamental fish sellers began popping up a lot. However, they still have not totally concerned with this business. This is caused by the prospect of ornamental fish in the city of Kendari still less attention. Ornamental fish culture is still very limited, mostly brought in from outside the city of Kendari.

Starting from a hobby, now a business that could be categorized as a promising business. "Sales of ornamental fish in the market always follow the trend of ornamental fish are again much-loved by the fans," said Sigit, one fan and owner of this ornamental fish business.

Sigit itself does not have a background in science to keep the fish. All of the experience gained since the start happy and interested in ornamental fish. "Back then it was just simply happy and eventually became a hobby," he said. "This business is not the first attempt, I originally started the business food trade but with a different consideration I finally decided to wrestle this ornamental fish business," continued the father of three children. For those of you who are still registered as a Civil Servant dilingkup Southeast Sulawesi provincial government is making efforts being cultivated today is jobs, "Well ... for in case have retired can no events too," he said with a chuckle.

Ornamental fish business in the vicinity of the roundabout this MandongaDistricts started in 1999 by Sigit by hiring three workers are still bound by family ties with him. In a day can be sold around 10 fish with a price of USD 50-20 thousand per head depending on the type and size. "This fish is brought in from Jakarta and Surabaya, but more than Makassar considering the area near and rapid distribution and transportation costs are a bit low," he said.

Sigit able to earn a profit of about Rp 2 million per month from businesses that have long run. Which pioneered the business since 10 years ago it has increased. This can be seen from the orders obtained, initially only come from within the city but now  fish demand also came from various areas, such as Bombana, Kolaka, and several other areas in the Southeast. Although many have penetrated this business, middle-aged man is still optimistic in business.

Improvement of the business is influenced by several factors, and one of them is a continuous maintenance. Maintenance is the maintenance of the ornamental or aquarium fish living and feeding is concerned. Maintenance on the ornamental or aquarium fish life is change of water every 2 weeks. Substitution of this water is not as a whole but only in part with a ratio of 50: 50. Water that is used should be water precipitated pam 8 hours, or can also use water from drilled wells. This is done to prevent the fish do not feel stressed and continue to feel there in the original habitat or living place originally.

In addition, replacement of water, also after cleaning an aquarium with a way to wipe the walls of the aquarium. Not only of where the life or aquarium, but also must memperatikan feeding. Feed given regularly in the morning or late afternoon in accordance with a rate of ornamental fish for fish is not too full. This maintenance is necessary to support the promotion of ornamental fish business has started ogled by many as a promising business opportunity. The more we try, the more there is a way to gain business opportunities.

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