20 August 2010

Korea Got Twitter and Youtube Account

Korea Got Twitter and Youtube Account : Military South Korea (ROK) and the United States (U.S.), ignoring the threat of North Korea (North Korea). Yesterday (17/8) they are still a serious went on joint war exercises called Seoul 's defensive action. Simultaneously, the government reported North Korea to join Twitter and YouTube.

"This is one of the largest joint war exercises in the world, "explained Gen. Walter Sharp is the official website of the U.S. military as reported by Agence France- Presse. As leaders of the U.S. military in South Korea, he oversees the 28 500 soldiers. According to him, war games would have lasted 10 or 11 days that involves far more personnel than the previous exercises.

South Korean Defense Ministry spokesman said the exercise this time of war does not only involve the simulation of air and sea attack, but also inland. "A number of personnel will conduct war exercises on land, "said the unnamed official who is. In a joint war exercises with the U.S. last July, both countries focused on the simulation of sea and air attack alone. Read More ...

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