20 August 2010

Weakens the International Court of Claims Malaysia

Weakens the International Court of Claims Malaysia : Hostage-three officers of Marine and Fisheries DKP by Marine Police of Malaysia (MPM) in the waters of Cape rafting, Riau Islands has again sparked the two countries that border issues are often heated. Minister of Foreign Affairs (Foreign Minister) Marty Natalegawa states, on the border of both countries there are no areas gray or gray area when used as a pretext Malaysia violate Indonesian territory.

"No it (the gray area, Red) in the border region with Malaysia. Areas we clear, "Marty said in a press conference in his office, Wednesday (18/8) yesterday. Marty said the arrest of seven fishermen hostage Malaysia by DKP and three civil servants by MPM was happening on the territory of Indonesia. Former UN special envoy to Indonesia said, Malaysia has often claimed the same territory with Indonesia. "It happened overlapping claims between the two countries, "he said. Read More...

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