17 August 2011

best Car Insurance 2011

best Car Insurance 2011; Despite car insurance being a mandatory requirement for all motorists, not all car insurance companies and policies are created equally. The following are some policy attributes and policyholder benefits to look for when choosing a car insurance policy.

Roadside Response & Repair
Most car accidents and car-related incidents don't involve fatalities or grave injuries. For the most part, they are simply inconveniences that can range from waiting for a tow to awaiting long-term repairs or a claim for a "totaled" car whose repairs would cost more than the value of the car itself. Car insurance companies should offer its policyholders swift response to initial towing needs, as well as car rental options and services while they await repair on their vehicles. The repairs themselves should be facilitated quickly and smoothly, with little to no delay on the part of the insurance company for claim assessment or approval.

Policy Flexibility
Not all motorists drive the latest sports car or can afford full coverage with no deductible. Car insurance companies should offer its policyholders a variety of insurance options that are affordable without leaving the motorist vulnerable.

Benefits and Discounts
Car insurance companies should offer its policyholders a variety of car and driving-related benefits, such as accident forgiveness for first-time offenders, convenient payment options, after-hours services, 24-hour claims assistance and others. Car insurance companies should also offer discounts for multiple-policy holders, drivers with clean records, students with good grades and others.

Customer Service/Claims Timeliness
Car Insurance companies should respond to policyholder claims in a timely fashion, facilitating the necessary steps to return motorists to their vehicles.

Auto Insurance might appear to be no more than an additional tax or fee for a service that is never used. However, as the statistics show, it is one that is necessary to ensure that you--and your vehicle--remain protected against injury, accident or liable damages.

In addition to the side-by-side comparison featured above, in-depth reviews are available for 10 of the best auto insurance companies, including top-rated insurers GEICO, Progressive and eSurance

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