15 February 2011

best insurance Companies

1. Progressive

As the third biggest car insurance company in America, Progressive offers some of the best rates you can find on car insurance coverage. Their choose-your-own-rate program allows you to create a policy with the features you really need without paying for anything you don’t need.

* What we love about Progressive: Unbeatable rates and personalized policies.
* What we hate about Progressive: Customer service can be spotty at times.

2. Allstate
Allstate offers up to a 45% discount on standard car insurance for drivers who haven’t filed a claim for three consecutive years. They will also work with you to create a customized insurance plan based on your unique insurance needs. Their bumper-to-bumper coverage allows you to purchase a new car based on the original price of your old car if it is stolen or totaled within the first three years of ownership.

* What we love about Allstate: Rebates and discounts for safe drivers keep the policies inexpensive.
* What we hate about Allstate: Customers sometimes need to follow up on discounts to make sure they are applied properly.

3. Esurance

Esurance makes a concerted effort to reduce their impact on the environment. This web based insurance company does not have any brick-and-mortar locations, which means that their carbon footprint is extremely small. Esurance even provides hybrid cars for employees to use when they need to travel for business purposes.

* What we love about Esurance: The commitment to creating an environmentally friendly car insurance option.
* What we hate about Esurance: The lack of local agents can create complications when filing a claim.

4. Geico

Geico offers simplified policies at affordable rates. They work with each customer individually to create a flexible payment plan that will fit your budget and keep you insured. Several discount programs help keep Geico’s prices down as well.

* What we love about Geico: The ability to create a personalized flexible payment plan.
* What we hate about Geico: Communication about policy changes can be slow at times.

5. State Farm

State Farm has a simple, no frills approach to car insurance coverage. It is one of the most trustworthy companies in the business when it comes to dealing with any type of insurance claim. Their knowledgeable agents are local, which means that they know more about the local auto repair shops and car rental agencies.

* What we love about State Farm: Honest and straightforward agents that get to know you and understand the area you live in.
* What we hate about State Farm: Some insurance claims can take a long time to be processed and paid.

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