08 February 2011

demat account charges sharekhan

demat account charges sharekhan ; I am new to share market and business. I am very much confused as to where I should open my Demat + Online Trading account. I heard from my friends that Sharekhan and ICICI Direct are not good as

1) Sharekhan has hidden charges
2) Sharekhan’s terminal often goes down while trading and u have to wait for almost 20 minutes to trade again

3) In ICICI, the share certificates disappear all of a sudden from our account
4) The terminal is slow

Can u guys suggest me a good place to open my new Demat account:

1) I am planning to invest 4000-5000 INR every month in shares.
2) Brokerage charges should be minimum
3) I am in Bangalore right now.

Best answer: Answer by hbk_b4u
Demat account allows you to buy, sell and transact shares of private companies in India. Demat account can be opened at any Depository registered with NSDL and CDSL. There are so many depostories at Bangalore like Karvy, Motilal & Oswal, Religare, Shareholding Corporation of India, Indbank.. etc.

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