11 February 2011

Insurance bill founders in Mississippi

Insurance bill founders in Mississippi ; A bill that would have made it more difficult for Mississippi residents to avoid paying for car insurance failed to gain the votes needed to pass to the state senate for consideration.

According to the Sun Herald, House Bill 620 was rendered meaningless when opponents of the bill took several key provisions out of the legislation. By a vote of 63-55, the house ruled the bill went too far in allowing authorities to randomly check whether motorists have auto insurance, which would have been ascertained via computer database. The bill also wouldn't have allowed motorists to obtain their car tags without proving they were insured. The only thing that passed was the creation of the computer database.

Speaking to the paper, proponents said it was "common sense," while detractors said it would take "money out of a poor man's pocket."

The bill would have increased fines levied against people who don't carry auto insurance. The current penalty is a $500 fine.

With the exception of New Hampshire, every state requires the purchase of auto insurance. The penalty for most states is a fine, but others include license suspension and

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