14 February 2011

top insurance companies in uk

top insurance companies in uk : UK insurance companies are pioneers in risk management services in different aspects of life. With innovative insurance products and quality services, UK insurance companies contribute significantly to the economy of the nation. Top UK Insurance Companies

The top UK insurance companies, providing personal and business insurance products, are:

* AIG: The international financial giant, AIG, renamed Chartis in 2009, offers a wide range of commercial insurance products. Some of the specialized products are management liability cover, aviation insurance, fleet protector cover, political risks insurance and Lifeline Plus. The company also provides standard personal insurance policies.

* AXA UK: The international financial group has three operating companies, AXA Life, AXA Insurance and AXA PPP healthcare. AXA UK offers home, car, pet, travel and business insurance products. AXA travel insurance was awarded the silver prize at The British Travel Awards 2008.

* Bupa: British United Provident Association, or Bupa, is a UK insurance company specializing in medical and health covers. Its specialized healthcare services and innovative insurance products have made it the market leader in the health insurance segment.

* Churchill Insurance: Popularized by the dog mascot, Churchill Insurance is a leading UK company specializing in personal insurance products. It offers car, van, pet, breakdown, motorcycle, home and travel insurance. The company is a part of the Royal Bank of Scotland group.

* Lloyd’s: With operations in over 200 countries, Lloyd’s specializes in business insurance. The range of products it offers includes tradesmen insurance, office insurance, professional insurance, commercial van cover and shop insurance.

* Zurich Insurance plc: With innovative products and excellent customer care services, Zurich Insurance is considered as the leader in UK car and home insurance policies.

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