15 February 2011

safe winter driving tips to reduce accidents and coverage rates

safe winter driving tips to reduce accidents and coverage rates ; The unpredictable weather this year has caused many fair-weathered states to experience a bit of winter's snowy wrath. Many residents are unfamiliar with driving techniques for this type of hazardous weather, which can lead to accidents and increased liability and full coverage auto insurance premiums. Here are safe winter driving tips to reduce accidents and coverage rates.

1. Drive slowly. Leave early to avoid speeding, especially when conditions are hazardous. When there is snow and ice on the road, traction is reduced and so should the speed of a car. If the weather is exceedingly dangerous, save unnecessary trips for when conditions improve. The best way to prevent an accident and keep automobile insurance rates low is to avoid driving when unneeded.

2. Increase the follow distance. A three second follow distance from the car ahead should be followed in normal conditions. When roads are slippery or at nighttime, this time should be increased to at least five seconds. Rear-ending someone will be an at-fault accident and will likely increase the automobile insurance prices of a policy.

3. Use brakes effectively. If brakes are slammed on quickly, the car will usually spin out of control. Drivers should anticipate slowdowns and gently apply pressure. Most cars today have anti-lock brakes that should not be pumped but should have consistent pressure applied.

4. Be aware of where ice forms. This is usually on overpasses, bridges, intersections and shady areas. Slow down and remain alert. If the car hits a patch of black ice, remove pressure from the gas pedal and do not brake. Do not overcompensate with the steering wheel; rather, make small and slow adjustments. When the car regains traction, reduce speed and stay alert.

5. Do not rely too heavily on technology. Even if the automobile has four-wheel drive, new winter tires, electronic stability control and anti-lock brakes, good driving techniques still need to be employed.

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