08 February 2011

Heath Lambert Insurance offers new stroke products

Heath Lambert Insurance offers new stroke products : Specialist affinity scheme provider Heath Lambert Insurance Services has extended its partnership with The Stroke Association to provide stroke survivors, their families, carers and supporters with a new suite of travel products.

The Association’s supporters will be able to take advantage of two levels of coverage, either gold or platinum, both of which cover all pre-existing medical conditions and can be taken out either on a single trip or annual basis.

Every year 150,000 people in the UK have a stroke, a third of whom die within 10 days, a third of whom recover within a month and a third of whom become disabled and require rehabilitation.

Heath Lambert Associate Director Diane Caplehorn has stated that a quarter of a million people in the UK are living with a stroke-induced disability and emphasised the broker’s commitment to providing value for money and coverage based on need.

Last year Health Insurance magazine awarded Heath Lambert Employee Benefits (HLEB) the Best Healthcare Trust Intermediary Award 2010.

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