06 February 2011

free car insurance with new car

free car insurance with new car : If you want to get a free car insurance offer, then it is most likely that you will need to buy a new car to be eligible for it. These types of offers are made throughout the year among car companies and dealers in order to attract more customers to buy newer car models or to get rid of old stock so that they can make room for the new ones. It is more common in July/August time because dealers are preparing for the new registration number plate around this time of the year.

So it might be worth checking their websites to see if they have any offers going on at the moment as the free car insurance schemes are valid for a limited period only.

If you buy a new car with free insurance, there might be some conditions attached to it. For example, some companies would like the driver to be of a certain age (19+/21+) at least to be able to take up the offer or have held a full UK/EU driving licence for at least 1 year to qualify for the offer. The typical excess is between £250-500 depending on age and residence. Read More ...

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