06 February 2011

Tips for the Cheapest Rates - Life Insurance Quotes

Tips for the Cheapest Rates - Life Insurance Quotes ; One of the best ways to protect a family's financial future is to compare life insurance quotes and choose an appropriate provider. The trick is to find the most compatible coverage for the family's specific situation at the most affordable price. Here are five tips to find a cheap quote.

1. Consider term life insurance. Depending on the client's situation, this may be the best coverage for the cheapest rate. Term coverage can be purchased in a variety of spans, such as a 10-year or 20-year policy. A policy is paid into for the length chosen and when it expires there are no benefits; however, if the policyholder dies within the term of coverage, the death benefit is paid to the beneficiaries. Term life insurance quotes will always be much cheaper than quotes for whole policies.

2. Young and healthy people should avoid guaranteed policies. These are plans that do not require a medical exam but they are usually more expensive. Guaranteed policies are available to everyone regardless of their age or health, which is the reason the premiums are higher. Medical exams only take about 10-15 minutes and offer flexible times. However, if a person cannot get a life insurance policy due to medical issues, a guaranteed policy may be a better alternative to no cover.

3. When comparing quotes to get the best life insurance rates, people should consider what they want the coverage for and what they do not need. While not having enough coverage can be difficult, paying for too much can be wasteful. What needs to be covered: funeral arrangements, outstanding debts, loss of income for family expenses, and/or children's future education?

4. Married couples should buy a joint policy rather than two individuals. The cost typically is about 15% less than two individual policies with the same amount of coverage. For greater savings, these premiums can be paid annually rather than monthly, which reduces administration costs, and savings are passed on to the policyholder.

5. The quickest and easiest way to find a cheap quote is to shop around, compare multiple quotes and choose the policy that offers the best coverage at the lowest rates.

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