06 February 2011

How health care law affects them

How health care law affects them : A couple on Medicare got a rebate check to help with prescription drug costs. A Chicago man with diabetes got health insurance through a new government program. And a Philadelphia businessman is hoping his company will qualify for a tax credit.

At a critical time for the nation's new health care legislation, The Associated Press revisited several Americans who first shared their health stories a year ago. Reporters asked: How has the law affected their lives, and how do they see the health care debate now roiling Washington?

Many insured Americans have noticed no substantive difference in their lives under the new law. But health care has changed in subtle, and dramatic, ways for others.

This week, a federal judge declared unconstitutional the law signed by President Barack Obama last March 23. The move sets the stage for the U.S. Supreme Court to decide the issue, while Republicans and Democrats continue to fight over repeal in Congress. Opponents of the law assert easier solutions to the nation's health care problems are available, and that the new health law will cripple the economy. Supporters say the country can't live without it, from either a health or economic standpoint.

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