05 February 2011

Water Damage Types

Water Damage Types House owners usually have no idea what type of water damage is covered by their insurance policy. Sometimes people will hear that people they know have denied mold insurance claims. Ensuring that water damages are included in your insurance policy is easy as you indicate it included in your primary policy. Of course having more coverage will mean that you will be paying a higher premium as well as monthly fee. In this article, we will be dealing with the more common types of water damage covered by insurance.

Number one, sometimes we have to deal with damages from floods. Usually, insurance policies are not covered for flood damages. Depending on the extent of the damage you may be able to have the damage included in your insurance claims. Insurance policies usually cover the damage caused by what they call the acts of God. The causes like a burst pipe or leaking pipes must be indicated beforehand though in order for them to be covered. Know the blacks and whites of the policy before you decide to buy the insurance policy. This is something we stress to our clients of our flood damage restoration company.

Number two, storm damages are very much included in the policy. This type is included in most insurance policies. There should be an extra effort from you to remove the excess water in your house caused by the storm as soon as the situation allows it and begin the drying process immediately. Once this is done you can already contact your insurance agents and begin the process of claims. This is very important that’s why we make sure to do this in our Imperial Beach water damage service.

Third, you can have water damage done to your home caused by moisture over a period of time. This can develop into mold damage if left untreated. Usually, you are covered for the water damage, but for mold damage, there are extra payments which need to be made. We help our clients determine if it is covered or not for clients of our San Diego mold remediation service.

The article just detailed the water damage types that may be covered by your insurance policy. Making sure that you have sufficient insurance coverage will help provide you with security and peace of mind.

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