04 February 2011

Motor insurance customers issued with unattended car warning

Motor insurance customers issued with unattended car warning ; Leaving cars unattended on chilly winter mornings this year could see motor insurance customers hit with very negative consequences, according to one organisation.

Car theft is something which people could potentially be affected by if they leave their vehicles running to get warm early on in the day, Swiftcover.com noted, with 2,000 criminal incidents being seen on an annual basis in relation to this.

The site's Claims Director, Robin Reames, commented that thieves can see opportunities in cars which have their keys left in.

He stated: "People have an 'it won't happen to me' attitude and think that it's fine to quickly nip into the house. However in reality, it can and does happen anywhere in the UK."

Meanwhile, price comparison site moneysupermarket.com recently suggested that a number of people may have had to pay more for their car insurance last year because they delayed their renewal decisions and prices went up.

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